Rwamirama calls for conservation of famed long-horned cattle

Minister Rwamirama (L) addresses the farmers as NAGRC&DB ED Dr Peter Beine looks on

Bright Rwamirama, the Minister of State for Animal Industry, has tasked breeders of the indigenous Ankole long-horned cattle to preserve the cherished breed in the best way possible.

The minister said this while presiding over a March 27 meeting with more than 100 members of the Ankole Long Horned Cattle Breeders Cooperative at Nshara ranch in Nyakashashara sub-county, Nyabushozi. 

President Museveni, through the National Animal genetic resources center and Databank (NGRC&DB), recently allocated the breeders two square miles of the 27-square mile ranch for conservation of the famed cattle. This followed an appeal to government from the breeders for a fraction of Nshaara ranch to improve the breed quality.

During the meeting, Rwamirama cautioned the breeders to optimally use the two square miles to breed more Ankore cows using modern and traditional ways.

Rwamirama further tasked the cooperative to develop proposals and work plans that will help them access government support towards the conservation of the cattle.

On his part, Dr Peter Beine, the NAGRC&DB acting executive director, challenged the farmers to come up with the breeds of the long-horned cattle.

“I want this place to be a model farm with international repute,” he said. “Farmers across the world should come here to see the pure bloodline of Ankole long-horned cattle.”

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