Department of Finance and Administration

Department of Finance and Adminstration


"To provide financial, administrative, human resource management, development, information and communication systems and services to enable achievement of sector objectives."


Key Functions

  • Formulate review, and implement policies, legislation, regulations, standards, plans and strategies for the Agricultural Sector;
  • Prepare the Ministry’s recurrent and development budgets
  • Manage the Ministry’s finances
  • Prepare and submit financial reports to relevant authorities
  • Account for all MAAIF resources;
  • Provide and maintain office accommodation, facilities and other necessities including logistics and motor vehicles
  • Advise the Permanent Secretary and Top Management on administrative, financial and personnel matters
  • Design and implement sustainable capacity building programmes for stakeholders in the agricultural sector
  • Interpret and disseminate regulations concerning finance, administration and personnel
  • Maintain up to date personnel and other records
  • Mobilize resources for the sector.

The Accounts Division

Core Functions

  • Formulate, review, and implement policies, legislation, standards, plans and strategies for seed and feed development
  • Guide on the transfer of improved and appropriate seed and feed development technologies to service providers
  • Establish and operationalize collaborative mechanisms with national, regional and international fisheries research, institutions and organizations for sustainable management of aquaculture
  • Provide quality assurance on advisory services on seed and feed development
  • Build capacity of service providers on seed and feed development
  • Provide and support sustainable production of cultured fish species and fisheries stocking materials

Units in the Accounts Division

The following two divisions are present in the Accounts Department

  • Procurement and Disposal Unit
  • Internal Audit Unit

Procurement and Disposal Unit


The Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Unit is established in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA) under the provisions of the PPDPA Act 2004.


Streamline and implement effective and efficient public procurement and disposal of public assets in MAAIF

Core Functions

  1. Guide MAAIF on public procurement and disposal policies, principles and practices;
  2. Monitor and report on performance of public procurement and disposal in MAAIF and advise on desirable changes;
  3. Build the capacity of MAAIF staff on procurement and disposal;
  4. Prepare bidding documents, procedural forms and any other related documents for procuring and disposing of public assets;
  5. Maintain and archive records of the procurement and disposal process;

Organise the procurement and disposal activities of MAAIF.

Internal Audit Unit


In compliance with the provisions under Section 8 (3) of the Public Finance and Accountability Act 2003, the Internal Audit function was decentralized to MDAs. Each MDA will have an internal audit section and sector-based audit committees that will be allocated a program and funding.

This is provided for in the communication from the PS/ST MoFPED to all Accounting Officers/Line Ministries/Departments of reference TAD 137/153/02 of 28th February 2007.

Core Objective

To provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services designed to add value and improve Government operations on risk management, control and governance processes.

Core Functions

  1. Guide MAAIF on compliance to financial regulations, legislations and internal controls;
  2. Review and report on systems for generating financial information and data, the reliability and integrity of financial statements and other related accounting and financial information;
  3. Conduct systems audit to ascertain compliance to applicable legislations and regulations and internal controls by MAAIF
  4. Conduct Value for Money audits on MAAIF expenditures
  5. Conduct risk management audits
  6. Conduct reviews on projects implemented by MAAIF
  7. Conduct reviews on resources acquisition, deployment, utilization, disposal and safety of Government assets.