MAAIF Agribusiness Enterprise Manuals

The Strategic 12 Campaign of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is a continuous campaign derived from the Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan.

Campaign Objective

"To provided guidelines and advisory on the priority commodities as highlighted in the Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan."

The online campaign was also designed mainly to highlight the most ignored "must do's" for profitable agribusiness as noted by Agricultural Extension Service Providers.

The Strategic 12 Campaign is driven by the Ministry Mission: "To Transform Subsistence Farming to Commercial Agriculture."  

Rationale for development of the ASSP
Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy and will be critical to the achievement of the goal of propelling the country towards middle-income status.

The sector is expected to contribute to wealth creation and employment through implementation of actions for the value chain development of twelve priority and four strategic commodities.

The ASSP describes the priorities, strategies and interventions required to achieve these results.

Strategic direction of the agriculture sector
Sector investment over the medium term will be channelled to the specified priority and strategic commodities across their entire value chains focusing on: research; extension; pest, vector and disease control; provision of inputs; promoting sustainable land use and soil management; post-harvest handling; improving markets access and value addition.

The investment strategy is aimed at achieving four objectives namely:
i. Increasing agricultural production and productivity;
ii. Increasing access to critical farm inputs;
iii. Improving agricultural markets and value addition; and
iv. Improving service delivery through strengthening the institutional capacity of MAAIF and its agencies.

These interventions are mainly focused on 12 priority commodities, namely: bananas, beans, maize, rice, cassava, tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables, dairy, fish, livestock (meat), and four strategic commodities, namely, cocoa, cotton, oil seeds, and oil palm.

Meat and animal/ insect-based products  


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