MAAIF to support youth innovators in farming.

Farmers may not need to worry about their produce going to waste, thanks to a group of youth who have come up with the Sparky Dryer innovation.

The Sparky Dryer team of youth were led by Lawrence Okettayot and demonstrated it to Staff at the Extension Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF). The dryer utilizes briquettes and solar energy to dehydrate food in five hours, thereby extending its shelf life from a few days to more than six months.

Okettayot said the machine is meant to help small-scale farmers reduce on the waste of their produce from fruits and vegetables which cannot stay long and, in most cases, go to waste if not purchased in time. The Extension Directorate officials promised to support the youths market this innovation by connecting them to various farmers’ groups and innovation funders.

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