Farmers call for articulate political representation

In light of Agriculture being the backbone of Uganda’s economy, with the biggest source of livelihood, foreign exchange and a major source of raw materials to the local industries, farmers through the Farmers’ Manifesto 2021 have expressed the need for articulate political representation in the 2021 general elections.

The Farmers’ Manifesto 2021 details what the next government should do to address the concerns of the majority of the electorates (75 percent) who are farmers.

Farmers, Farmers’ Representatives and Farmer’s Organizations presenting the Farmers’ Manifesto 2021 are motivated by a mission to set precedence and provide guidance to all agricultural investment plans for the government that will be in power for the next 5 years after the 2021 election.

Agriculture is extremely important in transforming Uganda into a middle-income status and drive the country towards Vision 2040. However, many challenges have hindered the sector, leaving farmers into subsistence productions and widespread poverty.

This widespread poverty can be attributed to a number of reasons, which can be mitigated with support from the government. The Farmers’ Manifesto calls for special attention in strengthening the sector that is a source of livelihoods for the majority of the population.

Through consultations country wide with fellow farmers, from more than 100 Districts in the country, the farmers came up with demands that are herein enshrined in the farmers’ manifesto to catch the attention of the key decision makers and more notably the next government leadership.

The unveiling of the Uganda National Farmers’ Manifesto was presided over by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries. The Uganda National Farmers’ Manifesto emphasizes six issues detailed extensively that include; Water for production, Access to quality Agricultural inputs, Market Access and Cooperatives, Mechanization and agro processing, Agriculture Extension services and Research and Access to financing. The Manifesto calls to action political parties, the government of Uganda, and all other stakeholders to take into account the six key issues that have been identified by the farmers nationwide, and highlighted as those that will revolutionize agriculture and give the sector a face and pride once again.

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