Proposed program for the Water based – cage aquaculture park site visit andClarification meetings scheduled for 8th October 2019 at Mwena, Kalangala

Proposed program for the Water based – cage aquaculture park site visit andClarification meetings scheduled for 8th October 2019 at Mwena, Kalangala 


08:00 – 08:30amCongregate in Kalangala District Hall Thematic team leader/DFO  
8.30am- 9:00amTravel to site at Mwena Landing site All  
9:00 am–12:00pmCarry out site visit– • Cage sites on Lake Victoria• Hatchery site at Mwena• Other land-based infrastructure at Mwena landing site PMU/ TAT 
12.0pm – 12300pmTravel back & re-congregate at Brovad Sands Lodge Ssese Island, KalangalaP 
12:30pm-1.00pm Opening Remarks –Meeting• Apac DLG• MAAIF• NAO• EUD 
1:00pm– 2:00pm Questions and answersPMU/TAT/STEs
2:00pmLunchThematic team leader/DFO