Agricutural Extension Services

Agriculture extension system is highly knowledge intensive and involves the production and dissemination of knowledge to the end users who are the farmers. Hence the success of such a system depends to a large extent on knowledge management. The major role of managers therefore, in agriculture extension system is to ensure that they get relevant knowledge wherever this is produced. The staff members of the extension organization use their creativity to package new knowledge for ease of communication to farmers.

Fisheries Resources

The Directorate of Fisheries Resources has three Departments namely;

  • Aquaculture Management and Development Department;
  • Fisheries Resource Management and Development (Natural Stocks) Department;
  • Fisheries Control, Regulation and Quality Assurance Department.

Objectives of the Directorate

Crop Resources

The Directorate of Crop Resources has three Departments namely;

  1. Crop Protection
  2. Crop Production and Marketing
  3. Crop Inspection and Certification Department

The Directorate is basically to support sustainable, market oriented crop production, pest and disease control, quality and safety of plants/plant products; for improved food security and household income. 

Objectives of the Directorate

Animal Resources

Currently the Animal Resource sub sector is managed under a joint directorate arrangement combining Livestock and Fisheries. MAAIF proposes that this arrangement be altered so that the Livestock sub sector is managed separately as a directorate of Animal Resources.

The directorate of Animal Resources is currently composed of three departments namely:-