National Genetic Resource Centre and Databank

The National Animal Genetic Resources Centre and Data Bank (NAGRC&DB) was established under the Animal Breeding Act, 2001, to support implementation of the National Animal Breeding Policy. NAGRC & DB’s mandate is to take a leading role in establishing a comprehensive National Animal Breeding Programme in Uganda. It does this through:

  1. The establishment, development and promotion of the necessary breeding structures such as the Breeding Associations and Breed Societies, National Livestock Registry, and
  2. Performance and progeny testing schemes for the advancement of livestock animal breeding activities in the country. 

The organisation was placed in charge of running about 10 government stock farms and ranches in 2003 when NAGRC&DB came into being to enable it carry out this breeding work. Under the Act, NAGRC is mandated to carry out commercial activities in areas of:

  • Production, procurement and sale of semen, eggs, ova, embryos and their associated equipment;
  • Management of the Centre farms for production and selection of superior dams and sires;
  • Production and sale of founder brood stock of fisheries resources; and
  • Open nucleus breeding scheme and reproduction extension services to farmers on the farms of the Centre and offer for sale properly bred and recorded good quality livestock to farmers.

NAGRC is also required to offer and conduct specialised training to technicians dealing in breeding and to train staff and farmers in aspects of animal and fish breeding; collaborate in research on genetic improvement and characterisation of breeds and production environments; develop guidelines and implement a field oriented breeding extension service for field workers and farmers.

The Board of NAGRC consist of a Chairperson appointed by the Minister; the Director responsible for Animal Resources; two prominent and knowledgeable breeders one from the animal sector and the other from the fisheries sector; four farmers’ representatives one from each region; Officer-in-charge NARO breeding programme; and a representative of the Ministry responsible for finance. The operational highlights of NAGRC are provided in the tables below.


Optimise livestock production and productivity through animal breeding to improve food security and eradicate poverty in Uganda.

Mission Statement

To play a leading role in establishing a comprehensive National Animal Breeding Programme in Uganda.

Core Values

Excellence - All functions of the Centre will be oriented towards production of the best quality products and delivery of fast and efficient services as demanded by the farmers/customers.

Professionalism - NAGRC & DB is committed to the continuous development and welfare of its staff. The Centre in turn expects its staff to have the highest level of professionalism which includes integrity and honesty in discharging their duties and be committed and loyal to the realization of the Centre’s objectives.

Sustainable development & Social responsibility - NAGRC & DB recognizes the importance of protecting the environment for sustainable production. The Centre will address environmental issues responsibly. The Centre will, to the best of its ability, embrace appropriate innovations and the latest technological developments to benefit the farming community and other stakeholders in the country.


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