Dairy Development Authority (DDA)

The DDA is established and governed under the Dairy Industry Act (2000) CAP 85 and its objectives are to provide proper coordination and efficient implementation of all government policies which are designed to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency in the production of milk in Uganda by promoting production and competition in the dairy industry and monitoring the market for milk and dairy products. Its functions are to:

1.      Raise incomes and standards of living of small scale dairy farmers;

2.      Achieve and maintain self-sufficiency in milk and dairy products;

3.      Promote increased dairy productivity using cost-effective technology and breeding policy;

4.      Establish liberal but harmonised dairy markets;

5.      Regulate and control the market for milk and dairy products;

6.      Improve human resources capacity for the development of the dairy sector;

7.      Advise government on research priorities of the dairy sector.

8.      Pool dairy processing and marketing data

The composition of the Board of Directors of DDA includes the DDA Executive Director; three members from dairy cooperatives, dairy associations and cattle keepers groups; a member from dairy farmers (medium and large scale); a member from dairy processing companies; a member from the Uganda Veterinary Association; a member from dairy traders; and representatives of MAAIF and MoFPED. DDA’s is funded through MAAIF subventions and its operational highlights are provided in the tables below.

Projects Under DDA

  • Dairy Market Access and Value Addition

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